Brokerage Sales

We have over 200 yachts and boats for sale on our yacht brokerage sites. You can search our complete brokerage database using the search engine below. There are lots of used boats for sale in multiple categories.

Search our Yacht Brokerage


All of the yachts and boats for sale with Yacht Brokers World also go onto Yachtworld.  Click the logo below to go to the home page.




Why do I need a Boats & Yachts Warranty?

Your boat is likely to be one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life, so why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection? Every year 1,000’s of owners are left unprotected when their boat or yacht manufacturer’s warranty expires leaving them vulnerable to huge repair bills. Modern boats are complex and expensive to fix if they go wrong, the high labour charges alone can be crippling.

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